Spiral rainbow

In Our Dream

I’m living in a world that doesn’t feel right
an alarm clock wakes me from the peaceful night
I never care to know where I am
and I don’t even seem to give a damn
I’m programmed to rush around everyday
I’m busy all the time and hide my feelings away
letters and numbers on paper, clocks and screens
are almost killing me and most of my dreams
and even if I’m then finally with you
it is not easy to really get through
but together we are not so sad
not too numb and not too mad
and finally we can feel a little quake
when our naked souls start to shake
and we know now where to begin
we have the power from deep within
to make a change
to newly arrange
to dream our dream
to scream our scream
we can go where we have never been
and see what we have never seen

we have a choice in all the noise
to be be awake or asleep in our dream