Spiral rainbow

La Defense

(true memories of a visit to the French capital)
Am Dm Em Am

On y va, (H)iggins!
Higgins is a dog with the usual sad look in his eyes
but he doesn’t mind and that’s no lie
though he finds it only remotely amusing
to other beings it would be at least confusing
but after all nobody knows you
and no one knows me either
surrounded by concrete, steel and glass
with it’s strange appeal and the absence of trees and grass
how much longer will this empty dream full of emptiness last
before the future is fading gradually into the past
modern times – le weekend a Paris
we are only visitors – you and me
that’s how it feels
no body lives here
except a lonely tear
and you are out of your mind
and seem not be able to find
what you are looking for
passing so many transparent doors
but fortunately you are not alone
Higgins is looking up to you, faithfully
he can’t help that
I have seen that slightly worried look on his canine face
and I know he feels out of place
maybe even fallen from grace
and God, there you go again
On y va, (H)iggins!
et le chien pense:
Mon Dieu, ouvrez la porte!
vite, vite …