Spiral rainbow

Loop Station

I’m lonely and alone again
and again I’m going loopy
feeling lousy and drowsy
my head hangs droopy
today no one is playing with me
and I feel forgotten and gloomy
but sadly I’m unable to enjoy just to be
yesterday they talked again behind my back
or did I still hear the old voices in my head
that whispered that I’m a loony
and my brain feels too roomy
quite obvious and plain for everybody to see
that strange kid even talks to a tree
well then, I better switch my loop station on
thy kingdom come thy will be done
and now I’m not lonely anymore and not alone
but I am not all one
I’m an absent father’s son
my loopy ego is instantly multiplied,
I feel numb inside, but I’m occupied
and all the me’s* and I’s* join into the fun
so many of them, yet they pretend to be just one
I’m playing on and off with the me I was seconds ago
not sure who he is and if he is friend or foe
and instantly it’s fed into the loop …
* plurals of me and I!