Spiral rainbow

Love is Lovely

who do I love (C Cd C)
when I love (De D)
do I connect with someone (C Cd C)
who I am not (De D)
resonance and recognition (C Cd C)
on the spot (De D)
or do I love finding someone like me (G C G)
who is the prisoner and who is free (G C D)
is it you or is it me (G C G)
up in a tree in my dreams (G C D)

so let us both take off all our clothes (G)
is that really the way it goes
love might be the answer, sweet romancer (C D)
cosmic dancer (C e G)

love, sweet love
we can feel it,reveal it, even steal it
smell it, spell it, yell it
hear it, fear it,
love it, float high above it,
we can taste it and we better don’t waste it
we can follow the sun
and all can have fun
life has just begun