Spiral rainbow

Modern Daze

(spelled D – A – Z – E)

endlessly nowhere
never somewhere
I can sense it
you play music to calm yourself down
in order not to hear the voices in my head
and not to be bored anymore or frightened
while I sing a new song and tap along
that way tuning into what’s going on
as I don’t want to hear the music in your head
which sometimes really drives me mad
too many layers – too artistic and polyphonic
leaving linear logic behind – and the secret prayers
to stop anything that troubles me within
and then bubbles up without a doubt or a shout
quiet determination is never very loud
and I feel humbled and I am not too proud
to admit that I don’t believe in achievements anymore
I rather walk through a newly painted door
and lie naked on the fluffy carpet on the floor
drifting away on the count of four
at the count of three already feeling free
freed from bipolar and binary one and two
(one and two – one and two – is it me – is it you)
and yes, you can see me in that mirror – that is you
and thanks for the constant reminder
this time I won’t forget to flush the loo