Spiral rainbow

Pleasure Of Creation

the 3 pearls of unimaginable pleasure
are the love goddess’s divine treasure
beyond linear logic and male measure
oblivion is the nature of fun and leisure

it’s an open secret
so it is no secret
yet it somehow is –
hidden right here and out in the open
(time to sigh followed by a short pause)
I’m eventually coming to some sort of realization
nothing is needed to be in the flow of the creation
but I’m lacking trust and I’ have been taught – taught – taught
and wasted much more than just a thought
I must confess: it’s definitely not easy to let go …
annoying and compulsive brain
and here the headestrian goes again
so who is the creator ?
is she maybe a beautiful creatoress ?
all naked or wearing a colorful dress ?
is she black or white ?
relaxed or uptight ?
or tied up ?
or cut loose ?
consumed too many drugs or too much booze
a repenting procrastinator
who’d given up on later
now an agile agitator
maybe the eternal animator
is no more or no less
an illusion born out of confusion
on my mental screen
or in my wildest dream
nothing more than a faint glimpse
or a vague guess at best
and trying to leave behind the chimps
before taking a well deserved rest