Spiral rainbow

Searching for Words

I’m still searching for the words
searching for a song
a song that makes sense after all
a song I can sing
sacred, scared and daring words
for peace of mind

my heart is beating fast
and I just can’t stand it anymore
to be misunderstood
even one more time
so please be generous

please be kind
forget to judge
just for this one time
and try to connect with me
and dare to connect with yourself
just for this one time

I must admit
I’m not too sure what I’m saying
but I know I have to try anyway
and I know after all the tune is true
and the sound is sound
and the essence is pure
and it’s all simple, very simple

I have a song
you have ears
sometimes I’m far away
and you are somewhere near
when things are upside down
and I keep forgetting
again and again and again
this song is our song
this song is about me and you