Spiral rainbow

Star Wipe

(have fun with this one!)

let’s make a cheesy movie
shall we?
star wipe
stars and stripes
star wipe
the glamorous type
(never mind the less fortunate ones in them poor countries)
star wipe
another stereotype
(we’ve seen it all before)
star wipe
the prototype of HYPE
(refrain,sung in a cheesy way)
I’m so special, special
superspecial, uhh yeah
and I don’t care
except for my hair
and there (screech)
oh my god! there is a spot
star wipe
star wipe
and few more
maybe four
it’s a cheesy movie after all
(bit of silence, then rustling and coughing)
yawn – yawn
it’s a new dawn
the people are waking up
we had more than enough!
star wipe
what a bad vibe
no more brainwash media
no more egomania
we don’t need no celebrity
we need everyone to be important
and equal in the community
star wipe!!!
(maybe Softmachine quote, sung)
why, why, why
why are we sleeping?
(a few times and fade)