Spiral rainbow

The New Dawn

(Dm? Em Am?)

the new dawn is daunting, in the end it can’t last
the sun is rising fast
and then there’s task after task
but finally shortly after dusk
I hear the rustling of an unknown nature
it disturbs my unavoidable tasks
of going into the dark velvet of the night
and I feel that familiar fright
maybe I don’t want to leave behind the light
maybe I don’t want to give up the sight
and all that once has been so bright
maybe I don’t want to be out of sight
maybe I don’t want to be guided by the dark knight
and being embraced by the the velvet darkness of the night
maybe I still want to be a child and fly my kite
not a worry where it would take me at this flight
even not of getting caught in the electric wires up high
I still would hold on tight
I would just pull with all my might
I would not surrender without a fight
I like feeling strong and know it’s alright
what is it all about
I have not met myself yet
but I can see you in a distance
so there’s hope
meanwhile I have to trust my luck