Spiral rainbow

Thomas Wiegandt – The Poet

Since I was 17 I have been writing hundreds of songs and poems, some of which I used to sing in the anonymous setting of busking in the streets of foreign cities.

It took me a long time and a lot of courage to put some of my poetry that had not been lost over the years up on the internet.

Finally I did it because after all I heard them on Cosmic Radio before falling asleep or driving alone in a car or being out in nature.

Most of these poems/songs have been scribbled on little scraps of papers and have been scattered everywhere in the house and when I find them, I now put them into a bag to type them later into the computer.

If some of my poems ever where published under my name at some stage as a book which some people have suggested to me (with my permission obviously or posthumously), I think a good title for one book would be: “A BAG OF POEMS”!

I am aware that with so many poems I have to sort my poetry into categories or themes. These could be:

Life experience, spirit messages (title: COSMIC RADIO), love, Irish identity (title: NO MORE IRISH POUNDS), German Poetry (title: DEUTSCHE UND AUSLANDSDEUTSCHE GEDICHTE), Haiku For Me And You (title: HIGH CUE), Blues, Childhood etc.

Another Book could have the title “TOO MUCH IS NOT ENOUGH!” and would consist mainly of the political and philosophical poetry of 2 multi-media performance pieces “Going Back- a reflection on a species of 2 legged animals, who ignores his greedy and power obsessed wrong doing” and “SoulScape – an archaic and contemporary tribal exploration”, possibly in combination with some of my art work and photography, related in a meaningful way to the subject.

I like to encourage musicians and performers to use them, all you have to do is to contact me and tell me if you use any material commercially or in public, and please send me a copy of our co-operation!

Also please put on my name and as contact: www.cosmicradio.info

Please email me some feedback. I’m curious … individual perception is wonderful !

Poetry is amazing, written by spirit hands, it reveals mysteries in beautiful and mysterious words, leaves linear logic and everyday consciousness behind.

The veil is lifted for a very short moment, and we can catch a sneak preview, a glimpse into the essence, a taster of the truth.

Ramble on, old man, from beyond beyond, talk to the young folks over yonder who never will listen anyway, they need the experience. The old should know that they have been there at one stage, but maybe it’s the hope of one in a million seeds will actually germinate and grow into something beautiful beyond analogue deductions and the wildest imagination that keeps me going on and on, even getting stronger and maybe that’s all part of the big plan.

Sometimes we get a sneak preview in a song, a painting, a dance, or a poem – or when making love and exploding and being scattered throughout the omniverse, defying all human limitations, being just another humble cosmic spirit drop.