Spiral rainbow

Time is a joke

(Jazzy Blues in F#m: | F#m C#7 | B7 A E F#m | AE DA EF#m |)

Where has youth gone so fast
the endless nights of love and laughter
replaced by a little wisdom
and an aching body
and the days are getting shorter
Live today, young people
don’t die as yet, old folks
enjoy yourself, don’t work too much,
and if you can finally start to relax
and don’t waste time
fuzzing and fighting
don’t waste time
Don’t die as yet, young people
live today, old folks
and make love
do what ever you desire
and laugh and laugh and laugh
time is a joke
and aging, oh well …don’t think about it too much
don’t think about it at all!
Live while you can
When we were young
we did not know
and we were invincible
without a doubt
without any worries
Now we are older
maybe even wiser
but no more invincible
and doubts are creeping in
and this is a real worry
Live while you can
as good as you can