Spiral rainbow


it’s that uncomfortable feeling
no one really wants to know about
so I better be quiet, keep it inside
and don’t shout it out loud
what is really going on
at best it’s expressed in a muffled song
that’s what it is
and that’s what it is all about
it is that underdose
that underdose of love
you and I – we never really got enough
weve overdosed on an underdose of love
it starts the minute we are born
and it’s a stinging and painful thorn
if you are not lucky
and it can happen to almost everybody
and might last until you die
and that’s unfortunately no lie
but I can decide to shout it out loud
what it is and what it’s all about
I don’t need to be too proud
everyone knows what it’s all about
it is that overdose
of the underdose of love