Spiral rainbow

Zero The Hero

(a reworked Punk song, now acoustic)
from E minor to zero and I’m your hero
I play my guitar
I won’t go to far
just to the next bar

from noise to silence
no defense – no pretense
no more sitting on the fence

can I stop my fears?
and can you hear my tears
when I unplug my ears
can you stop my fears?
oh, no, no, no – not now!
maybe tomorrow – tomorrow – tomorrow …

I know she’s not a fairy
I know she can be scary
she does not eat meat
she does not eat wheat
and she avoids dairy
her name is Mary
she does not look like a fairy
not one bit

this is such a simple song
that’s ok – it ain’t wrong
and I keep it short
so you won’t get bored
oh Lord, you won’t get bored

from E minor to zero
I let it go
I got to go
I’m not your hero