Spiral rainbow

Book Launch at Anah’s Bar

Words in big letters on an old tea chest
and lots of meandering feet on 60s linoleum floors
open doors, lots of people in Anah’s basement
noisiness rising
alcohol levels too
the usual good times I suppose
I keep writing not to miss the flow
I keep writing to stop thinking
while others keep on drinking
Ballydehob is upside down
somebody exclaims
upside down
thats what happens normally anyway
as well as downside up
after the time gets timeless
and people mingle and mingle
Sean the gardener finds it noisy too
also kind of claustrophobic
he prefers the open landscape
and I’m trying to escape too
nothing much to say
just sitting and watching
my son Rafael is unimpressed
he keeps playing his gadget
he lives momentarily in another world
for a spell
so do I
I suspect everybody else too
that’s the way it is

we need to touch the ground
come back to earth
and move, groove, dance
action speaks louder than words
louder than all the noisiness

and at the end of the pain
the songs stop coming in
and finally the emptiness feels full
nothing bothers me much anymore
and I’m out of the door
I just walked from the inside out
and the outside is walking in at the same time
sinking like a stone in water
and I remember again
that happiness is a short innocent moment
without a song
no noise at all
but not silent
just an exquisite explosion
that can be felt all through the universe