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Requirements For Life

Requirements For Life (body, mind, spirit)

natural environment
healthy unpoisoned food
positive social environment


Helpful Abilities, which will improve by exercises:
stamina and perseverance

generally a holistic attitude, as in Qi Gong

The Development Of The Human Being

The development of the human being, a two legged animal on planet Earth in retrospect

* nomadic lifestyle, the use of tools

* settled lifestyle, growing crops and keeping animals.

* thinking and mental overactivity, the use of money, the invention of writing, accumulation of all kinds of knowledge (from useful and practical, to counterproductive and non applicable), the invention of the book press.

greed and the accumulation of things, industrial revolution, bureaucracy, alienation from nature

sedentary lifestyle (headestrians), digital revolution and an abundant use of media. – virtual over-communication

Positive Vibration

Positive Vibration

The positive vibration is the most important survival tool at the beginning of the third millennium as despite of so much wrongdoing and lots of pitfalls, the two legged animals still don’t seem to grasp what is needed. What is needed is goodwill, cooperation and compassion to share this wonderful planet with our fellow beings. What is required as well that there is a critical mass of people subscribing to positive vibration, thus tearing off the mask of greed that capitalists are practicing and trying to program into their slaves that work for them by selling their lifetime. Once people have a practical understanding of what the positive vibration means — to see the happiness in the face of your fellow beings and that that is revolt enough to be positive, things will change. In the way that laughter is contagious, positiveness will be contagious in a similar fashion and at some page there will be a waking up from being in hell and the majority of two legged animals will have the ability again to create their own paradise. The positive vibration is about the empowerment of the individual to be deeply convinced that this is possible, because the capitalists brainwash machine is telling you the opposite each second through a multitude of media. Once an understanding is reached, that happiness is a real feeling and that it doesn’t depend on money or possession, things will change. Equally negative, beside the worship of money and possession, is the striving for power. There is no need for power if we can share. There is no need for power if we are happy. Jimi Hendrix said “once the power of love has overcome the love of power, the world will know peace.”

“Homo Sapiens” - a critical western world view

“Homo Sapiens” – a critical western world view

The two legged animal that scientists call “Homo Sapiens”, Latin for “the knowing man”, displays frequently a self-overrating behaviour bordering on megalomania. The species “homo sapiens” lacks respect and consideration for its fellow human beings and other creatures. Mankind (or rather man-unkind!) also lacks compassion as it is alienated from nature and even from itself.

Human Interaction

Human Interaction

The relationship between parents and children is regulated by the conventions of the society they live in. 

Grave personal and societal problems can arise from poor emotional relationships between parents and children, often a result of a reduced natural bonding in the first place.

Many mothers don’t breast feed or hold their children closely and long enough. Fathers are frequently absent or not very involved with their children and don’t serve as a convincing positive role model.

Many children in the world suffer from childhood trauma a.k.a Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), which can negatively impact their adult lives.

People also suffer from alienation from nature due to a not species-appropriate upbringing in artificially created environments and the lack of connection and experience of the natural world around them.

Mankind has created an unrealistic and warped culture of rules, conventions and questionable values for themselves over thousands of years.

Now most humans have a reduced ability for happiness and are emotionally impaired.

Personal and non-commercial art can serve as a pathway for recovery and discovery. Exploring one’s own soul-scape can liberate from the societal conditioning of living a prescribed and limited life. –  Many people are now “headestrians”, out of touch with their primal instincts.

The human centred view of the world is a self-inflicted limitation. The egotistical human attitude and behaviour endangers every species on the planet if not adjusted by the humans before it is too late.

Relationship Maintenance

Relationship Maintenance

safe space

listening skills

good will to find a better way and happiness

no expectations and no assumptions

sharing and caring

transparency and acountebility

expression and the taking in of our needs

Mental Humbleness

Mental Humbleness

The overactivity of thinking and the unnecessary accumulation of non-applicable knowledge by the two-legged anima called human being  is superfluous, harmful and dangerous. Non-applicable knowledge that is not in a positive  and caring way is an obsessive and compulsive activity of the ego resulting in a accumulation of mental bulk  and ultimately a waste of lifetime. Instead the “feeling body” is getting neglected and lacking attention. The energy flows where the attention goes. Attention and awareness is the foremost mental goal and it will radiate in a positive way.  mental capital, ego

that is in a positive  and caring way

The People Benefits

Positive People Togetherness – (17 recommendations as a code of conduct)

This is a “bullet list of 17 recommendations” for community projects based on good will and awareness, rather than lengthy legal jargon.

It is not a manifesto as such, but some main focus points for creating an organic “social sculpture”. these are check points for the individuals of any community group which is based on good will and social mindfulness rather than conventional enforcements in legal terms of the do’s and don’t’s. This list can be amended any time according to the specific situation of the project until a comfortable majority of the people can agree to it.

common good (all for all)

community spirit


self- responsibility

positive attitude





fun and ease

common sense

nature connection





communal decisions

temporary “leaders” or “committees” may hold key positions for directing the project, but for not too long time periods to safeguard against establishing power structures that will result in abuse. these “important people” can be voted down at any time by a majority of the people, if the people are not happy with the leadership and can be replaced by workable constructive alternatives.



Bob Marley:

      Why not help each other on the way, isn’t that much easier?

Bob Dylan:

      Don’t follow leaders, watch your parking meters!

Jimi Hendrix:

      When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

Jim Morrison:

       Specialise in having fun.

Sovereignty - A Simple Declaration

Sovereignty – A Simple Declaration

I and you are sovereign two legged animals. We cannot be ruled and oppressed by others such as leaders, governments and institutions. That is terror and we never gave our permission to give up our self-determination. We are free beings in Nature, which sustains us. Therefore we have to honour and care for Nature in a better and responsible way for all beings on the planet to survive and thrive.

Do no harm and make your own responsible decision.

Declaration of Sovereignty - reclaiming my birthright - promoting positive change

Declaration of Sovereignty – reclaiming my birthright – promoting positive change

I am a sovereign human being. I am a two legged animal with the capacity to think and make individual decisions. I am free to live in my natural habitat in a sustainable way, together with other beings on planet Earth. It is my birthright not be ruled, regimented, intimidated, oppressed or terrorized by individuals or political or religious governments, institutions, organisations or any leaders. Any unequal privileges and any assumed powers by any human are an abuse and a violation of my sovereignty as a free being. I never knowingly gave anyone permission to have power of any form over me nor did I subscribe or submit to any self appointed authorities. I never gave up my natural self-determination. I am a free being in Nature, which sustains me and all other beings I share the planet with. Therefore I try to honour and care for our mutual natural habitat in a responsible and sustainable way so that all beings on the planet and Earth itself can live and thrive.

Humans have the the capacity to make choices and need to behave in a respectful and compassionate way with all beings in a shared environment.

We need to honestly commit to strive to do no harm and act in an appropriate and peaceful way for the common and communal good. Why not live simply and let live?

I realise that up to now I often have been manipulated and brainwashed by political or religious leaders, governments, institutions, organisations or other humans using power over me and my thinking through improper means such as unnecessary laws, rules, regulations, brute force and violence, propaganda and the distorted and toxic use of the media. These assumed powers do not represent Natural Law (the way nature works without the influence of humans) and are only accepted and validated through the enforced obedience of a majority of society. There is historical evidence of thousands of years of human abuse and violence to prove this.

Personal Development

Personal Development

bellybutton is the centre of being.

essential conditions for healing and general ease in life are awareness and relaxedness, that are a pair.

resistance gets in the way of positive change because of negative judgement of self development work.

Helpful Recommendations For Many Problems

Helpful Recommendations For Many Problems

Keep it simple: follow your heart, talk to people and other creatures, walk outside in nature and absorb natural healing, express yourself in non-harmful ways, hold yourself and care for yourself like you would for a baby, love yourself and others unconditionally.

General causes for serious troubles:

Ignorance and alienation from self and nature

Cosmic Common sense Awareness System

Cosmic Common Sense Awareness System

(positive aspects of science and religions with a dash of compassion and common sense)

< > Nothing is written in stone.

< > Change is the only constant in the Omni-verse.

< > Energy is the life spirit of the Omni-verse (= The Omni-verse runs on Energy, also called the spirit or “god”.

< > Change creates life energy that regenerates itself (eternal life? does it really exist? is it relevant or necessary for anything?

< > The Omni-verse is a communication network.

< > Everything, all and nought(nothing) are alive and communicate via resonating vibrations of a super complex nature.

< > Resonating vibrations form ever changing “beings” on all levels and in different dimensions in the  Omni-verse.

< > Positiveness, compassion and common sense maintain the Omni-verse.

< > A relative balance has to be maintained to avoid destruction of the Omni-verse and the Energy.

For appropriate behavior of the two legged animals called humans please observe my Aphorisms:)

Alternative Model And The Raise Of Consciousness

Alternative Model And The Raise Of Consciousness (needs to be improved!)

If we try to forget our conditioning and manipulative brainwash for a moment and think with a natural and cosmic logic structure we can come to this conclusion:

1) No one can order anyone else to do or not do anything. The notion of regulations other than natural laws are fabrications of egocentric, greedy people with power issues  and/or vested interest. – Simple moral values: goodwill and humbleness. –> “Values of the people”

2) No one can own land or anything else. The notion and existence of property is absurd on this planet that we share with other creatures. It is even more ridiculous in a cosmic context. Balance is paramount and a necessity for every system to work.

3) Sharing and compassion, openess and transparency, responsibility and accountability are essential for a positive and fulfilling life.

4) Care for planet Earth and our natural habitat is common sense. A grateful attitude, fairness and a sustainable lifestyle by humans are important for the preservation of the earth and a responsibility towards our children and future generations.

The Artist's Toolbox

The Artist’s Toolbox

First, I have to agree wholeheartedly to Joseph Beuys’s statement, “every human being is an artist.” Being an artist just means to be playful at any age, not just as children. This observation has been of course made many times by philosophers and founders of religions. The toolbox of the artist depends entirely on the environment and the personality of the artist. The whole wicked over creation culture created by greedy specimens of the two legged animals have created so much waste which can be reused in a meaningful way, most of the time free of charge, so no need to enter an art supply shop or leave it to the privileged people. The urge of creating art is a natural impulse, other animals play and create artistic objects too. As the toolbox is very individual, obviously, there is one thing the attitude would have in common which is free and non-hurtful expression of feelings without mental limitations as art really is mainly about the process of playing and creating things and there are no limitations to playfulness other than naturally getting tired.

Revisionary Art

Revisionary Art

Revisionary Art promotes with multidisciplinary recycle and Nature Art

to go forward and work towards positive change

by revising the current toxic and destructive values and power structures

and moving towards a constructive and self-responsible community attitude

through caring and sharing

living close to nature

with individual spirituality

instead of the oppressive prescriptive and limiting self serving organized religions.

Property is an Illusion

Property is an Illusion

No one can own anything, simply because we are two legged animals sharing that planet with many other beings. We don’t have any privileges to anything, we are just a part of everything and therefore, should have a humble and modest attitude toward our surroundings and our fellow beings. The idea to own anything is particularly absurd if we look at the relative size and the lack of emotional intelligence in the whole context of the omniverse. However, in reality, in every country you only have the possibility of relative freedom if you own a piece of land which is your property. Own is an inverted commerce. So if you want to have a little bit of freedom, your only way is to buy a property, preferably in a more remote part of the world with a relatively liberal/political system. That will enable you to realize some of your visions to some degree and you be able to create some works of art on a bigger scale in collaboration with Mother Nature. Of course, that piece of property must be public and open to all positive beings on the planet. Which means even to other two legged animals as long as they respect your property there is no reason why not to grant them access. So if you have set up some nature and art spaces, which I call Magic Forest, which I encourage people to do and to share your land and the artworks that you have set up there. Ideally the Magic Forest should be a space where people just can be in a peaceful natural surrounding with specially created art spaces of a particular theme. I suggest as a focal point to think about these spaces as fun and healing and being not too intellectual as the head heavy civilization of the two legged animals is one of the main causes of the general unhappiness. Rather than investing in money and possessions, I would think it’s more beneficial to everyone to invest in happiness moments, because everything will pass anyway. Or as my grandma put it, “the last shirt has no pockets.” I hope I made it clear that possessions are an illusion which cannot really exist in any sane person’s sound mind. However, the brain wash machine goes on and on and we have to train ourselves to decide what we do with our lives and to make conscious decisions rather than just become another Mr. or Mrs. Follow Follow.

An Anarchist's Analogy

An Anarchist’s Analogy

The head and also all governments and legislations exert and perform terror in the interest of an elite in power.

The body and also all beings know how to live and do not need regulations and instructions, only space, mutual respect and fair play.

I need anarchy, spirituality and good intent to live and to be me.

Warning to all headestrians:

Beware of a lot of head constructs, intellectual concepts and power, especially the concept of power.

Be aware and do not be a follower.

The Digital era - a turning point in history

The Digital era – a turning point in history

Digital technology gives us the illusion of power and freedom of choice via computer, smartphone’s and other digital gadgets. None of it is real and will fulfil and satisfy your essential and real needs. It’s virtually virtual manipulation of the broad masses lacking critical thinking as well as numbing distraction for the benefit of a small greedy world elite. Oppose and reject. Find an escape route. Or rise and claim people power. We are at a turning point in history: a general human intellectualisation worldwide in combination with the enforced social distancing is being used as a propaganda to push more and more for a digital, technocratic society with surveillance of the individual A witch hunt of people that oppose and don’t comply with rules and regulations under the pretence of health and safety is already underway by the media and is being absorbed by some more fearful people. This new inquisition is stamping critical and opposed people as antisocial elements and people start to denounce one another. The digital technology used by the ones in power  inevitably will create a surveillance system of the individual and will result in a far reaching technocratic oppression.

Requirements For A Happy Life (body, mind, spirit)

Requirements For A Happy Life (body, mind, spirit)

natural environment

healthy unpoisoned food




Helpful Abilities (Exercises):




stamina and perseverance

States Of Being

States Of Being

(a philosophical structure!)

( symbols: (0)=neutral, (+)=positive, (-)=negative) )

(0) contentment is the neutral state.

there is one positive strand:

(+) happiness, joy

(++) ecstasy

(+++) oblivion ( = back to the source = unity= oneness = 1)

there are 2 negative strands, A + B:

A(-) sad

A(–) depression

A(—) self-destruction (= annihilation = 0)

B(-) mad

B(–) aggression

B(—) destruction (= annihilation= 0)

? annihilation = death = birth into unity ?

Some Big Topics (unfinished as yet, more to come, maybe…)

Some Big Topics (unfinished as yet, more to come, maybe…)

Mother: western therapists tell that joke, if its not the one thing, then its your mother.

too true in the western world most of the time but not all the time.

Many of my african friends find this to be beyond comprehension, because they love their mothers, who had carried them around for the first two years and by that they absorbed closeness and the rhythm of life.

Anger: anger would be for me something that is triggered by an outrageous injustice. Anger is scary.

It needs wisdom and courage to decide when to contain or to express anger and to do the right thing then in an appropriate way and hopefully not to cause too much damage and unnecessary harm.

Sex: probably the strongest motivation, obviously nature’s trick to reproduce, resulting at best in temporary union and short lived post-ecstatic blissful oblivion and then it’s back to duality again – fuck.

Death: The best symbol would be the hourglass, sand is trickling, first slow then fast, squeezing through into something new.

Reborn into the omniverse again, being part of the boundless cosmic energy.

The journey from individual being to be a part of all and everything.

It is scary because it is kind of unknown, but somewhere there is also the sense that that has happened before.

Some Reflections:

Some Reflections:


come to think of it, there is nothing to wait for as it either is already there or it will happen in its own time. No point to think about it then, no point to think these kind of thoughts at all. It is now anyway.


what is that ? this always chasing after something or another and another and on and on and on? It will have to stop at some stage anyway as nothing can last forever but that still could be a long way, a long time away, a very long way, a long time away, unless I decide to stop all the chasing after something by stopping the cause, the desire to do so.

No desire: would that be a blessing or a curse?


There must be an essential purpose or a necessity for any action in life to really make sense. Life is most of the time too busy anyway.

I am easily deceived like most other people by the western life style “achievement lie”. Achievements promise happiness and fulfilment, which does not last as we know from experience. Chasing after achievements is a drug addiction, which ultimately leaves us empty and exhausted. What I and most of us really are looking for are acknowledgement, appreciation and love.